Safe Insulation: specialists in facades

At Safe Insulation we are specilists in the rehabilitation and insulation of facades and buildings in the province of Girona. With a team of engineers and official installers specially trained in Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems, we execute projects which result in saving energy, acoustic, structural and esthetical improvements to the exterior of both new and old buildings.

Excellence in service and the quality of our work are the fundamental pillars of our company, and have made SAFE Insulation the company of reference for communities of owners, offices, hotels and commercial and tourist buildings in the province of Girona.

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Energy efficiency of the facade

The use of ETI systems (External Thermal Insulation systems for the exterior) makes it possible to reduce energy losses through the external walls of the building. At the same time, it reduces heating cots by up to 50% and increases the comfort of the building.
It is recommended for both new construction and the renovation of multi-family buildings, single-family houses and buildings for commercial, office, tourist and other uses.

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