Financing and subsidies for energy rehabilitation and improvement

Subsidies for rehabilitation and energy improvement of facades

From the central, regional and local administrations, non-refundable subsidies for the rehabilitation, renovation and energy efficiency of residential buildings usually go out every year.

The% and amount of subsidy vary according to the type of project to be carried out, so a study is previously recommended to analyze the viability of the subsidy request and the amount that it can represent in the project.

Financing for the restoration and energy efficiency of facades of communities of owners

Projects for the restoration, rehabilitation and improvement of the energy efficiency of the façade of buildings may be eligible for financing. At SAFE Insulation we collaborate with a specialist financing company, which studies and advises on the best financing options available in each case - from traditional credit financing to new renting modalities.

  • Previous study 
  • Financing up to 100% of the budget (including VAT)
  • Term up to 10 years
  • Facilities for the formalization of documentation