The fiberglass plates are, in addition to thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fire retardant and permeable to water vapor.
As thermal insulation, it has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/(m·k).

Thanks to its characteristics reducing air noise, it is one of the useful plates in the acoustic SATE system.

It is fire retardant, does not burn with fire. Collaborate avoiding the spread of fire on the surface of the facade. Due to this characteristic it is used in combination with other plates as a fire barrier. With the firewall system, the economic cost can be reduced by using a more economical plate for the entire façade and using only the fireproof ones as horizontal barriers every certain distance. It is ideal for apartment block facades without balconies.

It is permeable to water vapor, which means that it allows the wall to breathe, avoiding interstitial dampness (inside the façade) due to the condensation of the steam generated inside the home, as well as fungi and other pathologies caused by humidity.

In wooden houses, this plate is highly recommended for its flame retardant protection and permeability.

Its benefits are:

  • Great thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Flame retardant
  • Energy and economic savings
  • Permeable to water vapor