Plate XPS

The XPS (extruded polystyrene) plate is a waterproof and highly compression resistant plate.

Thanks to its manufacturing method, unlike other plates, it has a closed pore. This implies that water cannot enter its interior. When water enters the interior of the plates, two things happen: the plate stops working as a thermal insulator, and, on the other hand, the cladding and the façade can get wet and therefore become dirty, proliferate fungi and appear various derived pathologies of moisture.

As a complement to this type of plate, we also use, if the client wishes, special paints that waterproof the cladding sockets, since it is the most bulnerable to these pathologies.

In addition to its impermeability, it is a plate that has great resistance to compression. It is so resistant that it is also used to insulate floors. On the ground floors, the facades often receive blows of various kinds, such as children playing ball... As a solution, this type of plate combined with an anti-vandal mesh is highly recommended to protect the cladding.

For all these reasons, we recommend using this type of plate on the ground floors of buildings as a plinth to protect from rainwater and bribery.

Its benefits are:

  • Great thermal comfort
  • Energy savings
  • High resistance