Acustic System

The SATE system we use consists of placing the insulating plate directly on the wall of the facade. The material of the facade can be very varied: concrete, brick, wood, sheet metal ... The plate is mechanically fixed to the facade. Then it is coated with a mortar armed with a mesh creating a anti-crack coating (absorbs a crack of up to 2mm).

In the acoustic system, the plate is thermal, acoustic and fire-retardant insulation, so that in addition to energy savings and comfort, an acoustic improvement of the entire facade and protection against fire is achieved. It is a highly recommended permeable system for houses with boxes of blinds, in which the acoustic insulation is interrupted by the blind. It is also very breathable, making it ideal for wooden facades.

The result is a thermal, acoustic and flame retardant insulation by the continuous and permeable exterior, so it eliminates thermal bridges, with a mortar finish. It is not necessary to paint it since the finish has a wide range of colors to choose from. The final texture also allows different grain sizes.


- Reduces the thermal energy demand of homes.

- Improves the acoustic insulation of the façade with respect to outdoor air noise. (-6.5 dB in 4 cm thickness).

- The best passive protection against fire.

- Transpire in water vapor.

- For new work or rehabilitation.