Ceramic System

The system with ceramic finish that we use consists of placing the insulating plate directly on the wall of the facade. The material of the facade can be very varied: concrete, brick, wood, sheet metal ... The plate is mechanically fixed to the facade. Then it is coated with a mortar armed with a mesh creating a anti-crack coating (absorbs a crack of up to 2mm). And finally the cladding with the ceramic piece is placed directly on the mortar and without the need for mechanical fixing. Depending on the type of cladding that is used the composition of the meshes varies to be able to transmit the weight of the pieces to the facade.

The result is a continuous thermal insulation on the outside, so it eliminates thermal bridges, with a ceramic finish on an antifissure straightening. With a very small thickness and minimum weight, a plaster finish is achieved.


- Alta resistencia al envejecimiento de la fachada.

- Optimiza el confort térmico de la vivienda.

- Excelente protección pasiva contra el fuego. 

- Para obra nueva o rehabilitación.